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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2010

Mission Creep Alert: FCC Wants a Say in High School Curriculum

The Federal Communications Commission is now in charge of fighting cyber-bullying. reports that the agency, which was originally set up to regulate use of the radio spectrum and telecommunications, will soon issue rules requiring schools receiving federal subsidies for Internet access—and that’s most schools—to implement anti-cyber bullying instruction.

But we’ve always thought cyber bullying was a federal matter. As Heritage Foundation fellow James Gattuso points out:

For the past 75 years, [the agency] has bullied its own way around the communications marketplace. Just ask anyone who had been harassed under the Fairness Doctrine, broadcasters fined under vague indecency standards, cable providers facing an FCC “war on cable,” or—currently—Internet service providers being threatened with regulation under improvised “Title II” standards.

Posted on 11/03/10 05:57 PM by Alex Adrianson

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