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InsiderOnline Blog: November 2010

Get Supporters: A To-Do List

There’s lot of things you can do to get supporters for your organization. In fact, there’s at least “125 Ways to Identify and Cultivate Supporters for Your Cause.” That’s the title of a new booklet just published by A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates. Here’s a sampling of a few ideas you may have overlooked:

4. Read what your donors read. You will learn more about their interests and how they think.

5. Consider your most generous and most loyal donors and develop the profile of an “ideal” donor. Then identify the places where you might encounter such people.

9. Read letters to the editor in newspapers. Research any person who writes about an issue pertinent to your nonprofit. Follow up with a letter of introduction or a phone call.

27. Put a “forward email” option on all email communications.

38. Hold an online essay contest.

54. Contact lapsed donors at least once per year. Give them a compelling reason to get back on board.

105. Offer tours of your offices.

115. Feature a donor on your website.

125. Respect the donor’s intent at all times.

Posted on 11/19/10 12:06 PM by Alex Adrianson

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