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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2004

Shame on You

The Pacific Justice Institute presents their 2004 Left Coast Hall of Shame Awards. These are all from California, so you know they've got to be good.

1. Cupertino, California, school principal prohibits Christian teacher from discussing several historical documents and papers relating to America’s Christian heritage, including the Declaration of Independence.

2. City of Visalia, California, seizes a downtown theater by eminent domain rather than permit a local church to purchase it for religious worship and community service.

3. California Attorney General publishes advisory opinion claiming that public schools are not allowed to notify parents or require permission before releasing minor students from campus to obtain an abortion.

4. Hesperia, California, high school teacher and counselor posts offensive political posters and stickers denigrating Republicans and President Bush in classrooms during election season.

5. City of Sacramento imposes illegal occupancy restrictions on a church of Russian immigrants – causing the worship service to split in half and meet in a local residential garage.

6. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issues marriage licenses to homosexual partners in clear violation of California law.

7. California Supreme Court rules that Catholic Charities must provide birth control to its employees despite their religious objection.

8. City of Redlands and Los Angeles County elect to remove historical depictions of crosses from their municipal seals after being pressured by the ACLU – despite the offers from numerous organizations to assist them in defending the constitutionality of their seals.

9. U.S. Supreme Court rules that Washington State is allowed to deny scholarship funds to students studying devotional theology in precedent setting decision.

10. California Federal District Court rules that religious objectors to union membership are not entitled to the same benefits as political objectors.


Posted on 12/29/04 03:16 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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