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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2004

Ringing In the New, Rounding Up the Old

The Allegheny Institute hopes 2004 was a turnaround year for Pittsburgh's financial state, and offers tips for continued improvement in 2005.

The American Council on Science and Health recaps the 10 things you don't have to be scared of, despite what you heard on the news this year. Among them are such frightful things as vaccines, salmon and the dreaded teflon.

The ACSH also offers some solid New Year's resolutions.

The Maryland Public Policy Institute has no time for year-end wrap-ups because it's already in a hot battle over med-mal reform.

The Howard Center looks at 2004 for the Family.

Everyone have a great New Year's and keep safe!


Posted on 12/30/04 03:09 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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