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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2004

Smoked Out

Chris Derry of the Bluegrass Institute in Kentucky is discussing the pros and cons of a tobacco tax tonight on TV.

If you can't catch it on TV, check out this Cato publication on how higher taxes didn't fix New York's budget crisis.

Or, there's Paul Gessing's piece on how high taxes (particularly a 75-cent cigarette tax) made Michigan the only state in the union to lose jobs in 2004.

Both houses of the state Republican legislature have actively assisted Granholm in making Michigan inhospitable to business and job growth.

In the past year alone, the Republican-dominated legislature has delayed a scheduled income-tax cut by six months (costing taxpayers $77 million), raised cigarette taxes by 75 cents ($300 million annual cost to smokers), hiked the tax on Detroit’s casinos from 18 percent to 24 percent (costing $49 million), boosted driving fees and penalties (cost of $115 million annually), sped up the collection of county property taxes, and generally avoided steep cuts in state government spending.

You can also check out the Smoker's Lounge at the Heartland Institute's Web site for tons of info on cigarette taxes, smokers' rights, and junk science.


Posted on 12/13/04 02:29 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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