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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2004

Watch Out for Reid

A Washington state talk radio host explains why Sen. Harry Reid shouldn't be misunderestimated. Brian Maloney got up close and personal with Reid's bad side when he was working in talk radio in Nevada:

After spending a program lambasting Reid over a front-page Wall Street Journal story connecting him to a controversial land exchange involving Del Webb Corp., Reid and his staff finally took the gloves off. They demanded tapes of the show, threatened litigation and personally attacked me in a Las Vegas Review-Journal story. Station management publicly downplayed the pressure placed by Reid and his staff to get me off the air, but what was going on behind the scenes was less clear...

Harry's busy consolidating power and working on media control at the same time he's characterized as unassuming. If he attempts to reinstate the FCC's former Fairness Doctrine to muzzle talk radio once and for all, I will be the least surprised person in the country.


Posted on 12/14/04 10:45 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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