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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2010

The Census Speaks

Judging from the results of the latest reapportionment of congressional seats, announced by the Census Bureau yesterday, lower taxes and less government spending is the formula for success for states that want to attract new residents. The average top personal income tax rate of the eight states gaining representation is only 2.8 percent, while the average top rate for the 10 states losing seats is 6.05 percent. Per capita government spending in the eight gainers is $4,008, while the figure for the ten losers is $5,117.

These results, by the way, also correlate strongly with the strength of unions. Seven out of the eight gaining states have right to work laws, while only two out of the 10 losing states have right to work laws.

[Source: “Lower Taxes, Less Government in States Gaining Congressional Seats,” by Joshua Culling, Americans for Tax Reform, December 21, 2010.]

Posted on 12/22/10 03:08 PM by Alex Adrianson

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