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InsiderOnline Blog: December 2010

The Heritage Foundation has launched a Spanish-language site. will provide much of the same great research found at plus other content of interest to audiences that are more comfortable getting their news and information primarily in Spanish. Mike Gonzalez, Heritage Vice President of Communications, explains that site aims to take the conservative message to new audiences:

The progressives’ appeal to Hispanics is clear, if ham-fisted and pernicious. They offer a basic quid pro quo that boils down to ‘you are victims in this unfair, racist society and have no hope to get ahead without government handouts. Join our coalition, help us grow government, and we’ll make sure that you, too, become a protected group.’ It’s a bargain that would only consign Hispanics to permanent underclass status and contribute to making the country they immigrated to more like the one that they left.

President Obama was not shy about these designs in the weeks leading up to the recent midterm elections, when he pleaded with Hispanics to “punish our enemies”—a comment so maladroit that he had to apologize for it almost immediately.

It is for this reason that we at Heritage will make sure that Hispanics who read their news in Spanish will hear the other side of the argument. In, Spanish-speakers will be able to read the opposite of the progressives’ message of gloom and doom. It is called as Liberty is what our country offers and cannot be taken away.

This site will not be designed to pander, but to share and educate. It will offer some of the same cutting-edge research and analysis available on with additional resources for a new readership. will not reinforce the idea that cultural assimilation is a bad thing; on the contrary, our success as a unified country depends on it. We offer these perspectives in Spanish, because we simply want Heritage to be accessible to all citizens.

Posted on 12/02/10 02:08 PM by Alex Adrianson

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