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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2007

The Coming Week

Monday: Find out what’s hampering America’s image around the world. Juliana Pilon discusses her book Why America is Such a Hard Sell, at The Heritage Foundation.

Monday: Hear a debate at the Hudson Institute on whether foundations should review their investments to make sure they don’t conflict with their grantmaking.

Monday: Examine Money and Politics in Washington Judicial Elections at the Washington Policy Center.

Tuesday: Assess the progress of political liberalization in Bahrain, at the American Enterprise Institute.

Wednesday: Learn why dollarization is the right monetary policy for many developing countries. At the Cato Institute, Manuel Hinds discusses his book Playing Monopoly with the Devil: Dollarization and Domestic Currencies in Developing Countries.

Thursday: Take in Stephen Kotkin’s lecture: Russia under Putin: Democracy or Dictatorship? at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Friday: Listen to a panel examine how electromagnetic spectrum is allocated in the United States, at the Progress and Freedom Foundation.

Posted on 02/09/07 05:11 PM by Alex Adrianson

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