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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2011

Egypt Fail

The circumstances in Egypt are revealing just how valuable certain institutions are.

1. The U.S. Agency for International Development. David Rieff at The New Republic:

[G]o to USAID’s website and find the Egypt page and you will read that, “For three decades, the United States and Egypt have collaborated closely on economic development and regional stability.” You will also read the grotesque claim that “USAID has helped Egypt become a “success story in economic development.” More specifically, the site claims particular success in improving the quality of education, and, grotesquely, in light of recent events, taken the credit for having strengthened “the administration of justice,” improved “access to justice for disadvantaged groups,” and promoted “decentralized governance and more competitive electoral processes.” [“The Failure of U.S. Aid in Egypt,” February 4, 2011.]

2. The United Nations Human Rights Council. James Carafano, et al. at The Heritage Foundation:  The HRC conducted a periodic review of Egypt’s human rights record in 2010, but it has failed to adopt any resolution on the human rights situation in Egypt.” [“Top Five Lessons from the Fight for Freedom in Egypt,” February 1, 2011.]

Posted on 02/04/11 12:27 PM by Alex Adrianson

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