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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2012

Reasons to Marry

There are at least 162 reasons to make marriage a life goal, according to a new review of the social science literature by Pat Fagan, Anne Dougherty, and Miriam McElvain (“162 Reasons to Marry,” Marriage and Religion Research Institute, February 8, 1012). Here are some:

Men raised in married families have more open, affectionate, and cooperative relationships with the women to whom they are attracted than do those from divorced families. […] Married mothers report more love and intimacy in their romantic/spousal relationships than cohabiting or single mothers. […] Married parents are more encouraging and have higher expectations for their children than always-single parents are, even after adjusting for intelligence and abilities. […] Children from intact married families are most likely to earn mostly As in school. […] Adolescents from intact married families are less like to be suspended, expelled, delinquent, or experience school problems than children from other family structures. […] Men’s productivity increases by 27 percent as a result of marrying. […] Married men are less likely to commit crimes. […] Married men are less likely to murder their partner than cohabiting men are, and married women are less likely to be killed by their spouse than cohabiting women are to be killed by their partner. […] Married men and women have higher survival rates after being diagnosed with cancer. […] Children, teenagers, and adults from married households have lower mortality rates. [Internal citations omitted.]

Posted on 02/09/12 05:28 PM by Alex Adrianson

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