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InsiderOnline Blog: February 2012

Five Things to Do

1. Take a course on the Constitution. Hillsdale College has just published The U.S. Constitution: A Reader. The volume, developed for teaching Hillsdale’s core course on the U.S. Constitution, contains 113 primary source documents along with introductions written by Hillsdale faculty.

2. Observe National Marriage Week (which actually covers eight days: February 7 – 14) by learning some of the many reasons marriage is valuable at or by reading the Family Research Council’s recent paper “162 Reasons to Marry.”

3. Become an executive producer on a film about fracking. All it takes is one dollar donated to Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer’s latest film project, Frack Nation. You can donate to help them finish the film at the Frack Nation kickstarter page.

4. Get trained on market-based approaches to conservation. If you are a mid-career environmental leader who wants to learn more, check out the Enviropreneur Institute, a program run by PERC, the Property and Environment Research Center in Bozeman, Montana, June 24 – July 6.

5. Fill out your calendar: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents, noon, February 13 at The Heritage Foundation; Are Think Tanks Becoming Too Political? noon, February 16 at the Hudson Institute; European Integration: What’s Gong Wrong? noon, February 21 at the Cato Institute; Were the President’s Recess Appointments Constitutional? 1:30 p.m., February 21 at the American Enterprise Institute.

Posted on 02/10/12 12:10 AM by Alex Adrianson

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