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InsiderOnline Blog: April 2011

What Izzit?

If you think your child’s schooling in social studies isn’t very complete—that perhaps it’s lacking in basic concepts about the value of free markets, for example—then you should check out You might even recommend it to your child’s teachers. is a service that provides great short videos targeted at students in grades four through 12.

Anybody can order the videos, but teachers—including homeschoolers—can get them for free. We just watched one called Freedom’s Sound, which tells the story of how the collapse of Communism allowed the Estonia Piano Company to make great pianos instead of mediocre one, expand its business, and provide a bigger payday for its workers.

Every video at comes complete with a lesson plan. The service also provides a daily e-mail containing a social studies lesson drawn from the recent news. In many ways, the lessons provided by constitute a young student’s version of Milton Freidman’s Free to Choose. The service is in fact a part of the Free to Choose Network run by Bob Chitester. We talked with Chitester and director of curriculum development, Candy Mead recently. Stay tuned for the article in our forthcoming issue of The Insider, out later this month.

Posted on 04/08/11 03:09 PM by Alex Adrianson

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