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InsiderOnline Blog: April 2011

Rusher to the Rescue

William A. Rusher, who died last weekend, was the publisher of National Review for 30 years, and a tireless promoter of conservative ideas. He helped draft Barry Goldwater to run for president, helped start Young Americans for Freedom, and helped start the American Conservative Union. He was one of the first conservative media personalities, appearing on the PBS show The Advocates, often winning over the audience despite being outnumbered by liberal guests.

National Review has a symposium  of Rusher memories (“Remembering William A. Rusher,” April 19, 2011). His colleagues remember him as a bon vivant with a quick wit, impeccable taste, and a steely commitment to conservative principles. Above all they remember him as the guy who rescued National Review from fiscal distress and turned it into a going enterprise that’s been going for some 55 years now.

Posted on 04/22/11 12:34 PM by Alex Adrianson

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