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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

Something to Keep in Mind...

While you're watching the Dem-Fest in Boston and learning about their "Strong at Home, Respected in the World" platform. An NTU study calculates the probable cost of Kerry's campaign promises. Though Kerry has offered five cost-cutting ideas, the savings amount to about $30 billion, while new spending proposals amount to roughly $226 billion in his first year alone.

The highlights of the study:

  • A projected $226.125 billion increase in spending -- in the first year of a Kerry Presidency alone.
  • A projected $734.62 billion increase in the national debt over five years.
  • Nearly $115 billion in social welfare, foreign aid, energy, and environmental handouts over a first Kerry term.


Posted on 07/28/04 09:18 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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