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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

Turns Out I'm Not Equal.

Imagine my suprise when John Kerry told me last night that "we ... must finish the march toward full equality for all women in our country." I didn't realize I still needed to be marching. The women in the audience screamed with such pleading, rapturous looks on their faces, it was unsettling. It was a live picture of Carrie Lukas' critique of modern feminism, Dependency Divas.

The feminist agenda is inconsistent with independence for women. In short, it is an agenda that replaces dependence on men with dependence on government.

The women who purport to be the most independent, and call conservative women mere cookie-bakers, are actually convinced that who sits in the President's office dictates the success of all womankind in America. Puh-lease. Read the Curious Case of Gender Equality from the Howard Center or this tidbit on a female-only pay raise for more on how the feminist movement has marched right over the equality line.

Well, back to work alongside my male co-workers, with my college degree and my upward mobility. Somehow, I don't feel like I need to be marching anywhere, at least not with today's feminists.

Posted on 07/30/04 10:37 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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