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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

Think Tank Veteran Checking Congress' Commitment

Think tank veteran Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.), former director of the James Madison Institute, has brought the Conservative Check Card to Congress. The wallet-sized card, produced by the Republican Study Committee, lists six traditional conservative principles on the back:

  • Less Government
  • Lower Taxes
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Individual Freedom
  • Stronger Families
  • Domestic Tranquility/National Defense

The idea is to have every conservative staffer and Congressman carry the card and check legislation against the six principles. Feeney designed the cards and first used them when he was speaker of the Florida House in 2000. Sounds good, but I wonder... do those come with overdraft protection?

Posted on 07/09/04 10:32 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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