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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

The Tax Man Cometh

David Hogberg of the Public Interest Institute in Iowa is predicting a state tax increase in 2005. He thinks they'll go after cigarettes (hmmm, do I smell a theme?). He suggests nipping it in the bud during the election season instead of trying to fight it during the legislative session.  

This is a battle Michigan has already fought and lost. The Mackinac Center points out the error in the idea that tobacco taxes only affect smokers, here:

Among other things, making Michigan the second highest-taxed state in the nation could cause the 5,000 jobs to disappear. It would also encourage smokers to shop in neighboring states. In Ohio, for example, the tax is 55 cents a pack. High taxes could also open the way for criminals – even terrorists – to profit from smuggling cigarettes from lightly-taxed states.

Sorry about the smoking jag. I knew it marked the absolute end of civil treatment for smokers when even NASCAR gave up Winston as a primary sponsor. And it looks like NASCAR has been sliding left ever since. Turns out, the organization is still backing Jesse Jackson and Dale Jr. told FOX last week that he went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 with his crew. Ugh.

Posted on 07/09/04 05:13 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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