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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

The Studiers Become the Studied

Here's an interesting study, by two researchers from Stanford and the University of Chicago, that calculates media bias based on how many times media outlets quote various think tanks. Then it compares the media outlets' citations to citations by members of Congress across the political spectrum. The results? You won't be surprised.

All of the news outlets except Fox News’ Special Report received a score to the left of the average member of Congress. Moreover, by one of our measures all but three of these media outlets (Special Report, the Drudge Report, and ABC’s World News Tonight) were closer to the average Democrat in Congress than to the median member of the House of Representatives. One of our measures found that the Drudge Report is the most centrist of all media outlets in our sample. Our other measure found that Fox News’ Special Report is the most centrist.

Somehow I don't think this guy agrees with the assessment.


Posted on 07/19/04 05:34 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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