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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

Conservative Merger

Citizens for a Sound Economy and Empower America announced this morning that they're merging into one conservative superpower, which will be called Freedom Works. CSE President Matt Kibbe had this to say about it in a press release:

Dick Armey, Jack Kemp, and C. Boyden Gray will our Co-Chairmen.  I will serve as President and CEO.  The combination brings together the grassroots power and political organization skills of CSE, coupled with Empower's strong policy presence inside the beltway.

FreedomWorks brings together some of the leading legislative entrepreneurs from both the Reagan tax revolution and the Republican takeover/Contract with America in the 1990s.  Together, we will be at the forefront of the next conservative, free market revolution, involving big ideas like personal retirement accounts, and innovative tactics driven by grassroots organization.  If we do our job,  this will lead to permanent change, an ownership society, and an on-going defense of individual liberty envisioned by Jefferson and Madison.

Posted on 07/22/04 12:35 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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