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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

The Next Great Injustice

Oh no, "food deserts!" 

True or false: American journalists and sociologists believe there are too many Super Wal-Marts in the world. And the answer is... false!

It seems those who have been bemoaning the hyper-efficient superstores for years are now bemoaning the fact that there isn't one in every cornfield in the country.

For those not aware of this current "crisis," a "food desert" is an area that is not readily served by a large grocery chain. The AP story tells of people in small rural communities who either must drive long distances to grocery stores or are "forced" (AP’s term) to purchase food from convenience stores where prices are higher and the selection of fresh meat and vegetables is almost nil.

I can't say that the Insider database boasts any studies on this particular crisis right now. But I can't wait for the time when some economic genius decides that just the thing we need to fix the "deserts" is government-run grocery stores in every rural mile. Stay tuned for the logical acrobatics required to explain why a cost-efficient superstore with goods at low prices is not good enough for the country, but an inefficient "oasis" run by the government and subsidized (of course) with taxpayer money is A-OK. The AP will find a way. (via The Locker Room).

Posted on 07/23/04 10:09 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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