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InsiderOnline Blog: July 2004

Throwing Money Away

As I was contemplating last week whether or not to lug a load of recycling out to the curb or just chuck it in with the regular trash, I thought of this collection of wisdom from the The Heartland Institute on the ridiculous wastefulness that is recycling.

Among Heartland's observations:

New York City, for example, is cutting funding for police, schools, and transit services as it struggles to close a budget deficit of $2.7 billion. The city is already spending a premium of $77 million over the cost of landfilling to collect and process 15 percent of its household trash for recycling. To reach its arbitrary goal of 25 percent, the city estimates it would have to spend another $100 million. City officials don't believe that level is economically sustainable.

Maybe someone should do a study on the correlation of crime rates and curbside recycling or low test scores and curbside recycling. In my hometown, all three were plentiful. Hmmm... For more on what recycling really does, read Recycling Rubbish.

Posted on 07/26/04 02:11 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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