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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

Anarchists for Tax Reform?

Americans for Tax Reform has been getting beat up on the editorial page of The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina. The State editorial board has called the organization, "a radical Washington" organization "whose goal is to virtually abolish government." Why the nasty (and inaccurate) words?  Don Weaver, head of South Carolina Association of Taxpayers, explains in the South Carolina Policy Council's newsletter:

Their writers simply do not see a danger in raising taxes, and they do not want lawmakers to be reluctant to do so. In truth, the media and other anti-tax pledge folks ... attack ATR and our No New Tax Pledge because of our success. Our state has not had a general tax increase since 1987, thanks in large part to the effect of our No New Tax Pledge.

Weaver also points out that the South Carolina media has never minded pledges put forth by other Washington-based groups.

Many national organizations also have a presence in our state. The AARP has a chapter in our state... Furthermore, when the South Carolina Education Association released a report card last year that flunked conservative legislators, they did so with financial help from their umbrella organization, the National Education Association, which is located in our nation's capital as well. In both these cases, the only thing we heard from The State was silence.

Check here for incumbents and candidates in your state who have signed anti-tax pledges and here for state groups that work with ATR in its radical, sinister quest to-- cut taxes!

Posted on 08/02/04 12:24 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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