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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

De-Acronyming the Left!

Confused about HSAs? Of all the acronymns floating around in public policy (AFL/CIO, ACLU, EPA, oh my!), HSA (Health Savings Accounts) is one of the most promising for conservatives. The HSA Coalition, a group of many free-market groups we know and love, has a great site for just about anything you need to know about the newest trendy acronym. It offers a basic lesson on HSAs, Q&A, an HSA provider locator, news on the subject, and "Ask an Expert," if the site doesn't quite do it for you. 

This combined with ATR's work toward lowering taxes shows a shocking trend toward American citizens being in charge of their own money. Whatever will The State think? We're defunding the Left and de-acronyming them as well. More on HSAs here and here. Search the site for other favorite conservative acronyms, like CEI, ALEC, etc.

Posted on 08/03/04 12:02 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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