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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

Subway's "Fat Americans" Campaign Torpedoed

A couple coalition members mobilized this week, putting Subway in their crosshairs. The result? German Subway franchises dropped tray-liners featuring an ad for Morgan Spurlock’s Mc-Expose “Super-Size Me,” bolstered by a quote from Michael Moore and a picture of a corpulent Lady Liberty.

The Virginia-based Center for Individual Freedom mobilized public opposition to the tray-liners, which promoted Morgan Spurlock's film, "Super Size Me." The film shows how Spurlock gained weight by gorging himself at McDonald's for 30 days straight. (Subway bills itself as a healthy alternative to McDonalds.)

Last week, the Center sent an "action alert" to thousands of people across the country, urging them to call Subway and demand that the company put an end to the America-bashing ad campaign overseas.

The Michael Moore quote on the tray-liner in question: “The only time I have been scared for my life has been going through a McDonald’s drive-thru.”

Clearly, Michael Moore is a brave, brave, brave man, withstanding several such harrowing trips per day. Frontiers of Freedom was also involved in the attack on German Subways. But the best news is all of us conservative Capitol Hill folks can go back to eating at the nearby Subway, one of few fast-food options on the Hill, probably thanks to the scare tactics of food police like Spurlock and Moore.

For the conservative anti-Spurlock, read Soso Whaley's Debunk the Junk, a diary of her McDonald's-eating adventure, during which she lost 18 pounds in two months by making smart choices with the McDonald's menu. She's working on a movie herself. I wonder if they'll serve fries at the theater. If so, I'm sure the heroic Moore will be there, selflessly throwing his mouth in between moviegoers and the food that could hurt them.

Posted on 08/03/04 03:11 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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