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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

University of Colorado Class: No Whites Allowed

Big win for the Independence Institute in Colorado this week. The University of Colorado had designated one section of a course called "School and Society" for minorities and first-generation college students only, but they backed off that plan in the face of a complaint from the CU College Republicans and the threat of a lawsuit from Independence and three students.

On Tuesday, Lorrie Shepard, dean of the School of Education, issued a "clarification" regarding registration guidelines for the class. Shepard said an e-mail sent last week had incorrectly stated that one section was "restricted" to minorities...

CU spokeswoman Pauline Hale said the class was never intended to preclude white students from enrolling in the minority section, which is taught on Fridays. The section was created to create "a critical mass of students of color and first-generation students," Hale said.

"It's still a special section for that purpose," she added. "But if white students go through the process (of applying for that section), they would not be turned away."

Oops, what we meant to say is white students aren't restricted, per se, merely discouraged, in the interest of helping those students who, "said they felt uncomfortable when the subject of race came up and they were the only minority in the class."

More on this from the Denver Post and Independence. Right about here is where "diversity" becomes just plain disgusting.

Posted on 08/06/04 03:44 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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