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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

Good News From Good Lawyers. No, Really.

I got updates from several public interest law firms this week, who've racked up some big victories in the last month. The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation won $105,000 in back pay for strawberry pickers illegally fired for not joining the United Farm Workers union.

The Washington Legal Foundation is after the plaintiff's lawyer in a product liability case brought against Bayer over its cholesterol drug Baycol. It seems the lawyer admitted to the Wall Street Journal that he was giving the press negative information about Bayer in order to depress Bayer stock and force a settlement.

"I was feeding a lot of [negative] information to European and U.S. papers . . . . It was part of my strategy to affect the stock price, which I was very successful at."

Now, WLF is pressing for an SEC investigation.

The Center for Individual Rights won a partial victory in settlement talks over a discrimination complaint against the New York school system. CIR opposed the settlement on behalf of non-minority school employees. And, of course, Institute for Justice and others contributed to the big Poletown win in Michigan, which could cut back on abuse of eminent domain in a big way all over the nation.

For more on just about the only good lawsuit news you'll hear, check the legal action section of, which is updated with victories like these regularly. 

Posted on 08/11/04 12:55 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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