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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

More Scary Kerry Spending Estimates

AEI expands on a National Taxpayers Union study, which predicted $226 billion in new spending in Kerry's first year. AEI takes us 10 years and $2 trillion into the future of Kerry policy:

The Kerry proposals would, if enacted into law, add about $1.7 trillion in new government spending over ten years. More than half of this additional spending is attributable to Kerry’s health care proposalsm, which would add more than $900 billion in federal outlays. Education expenditure accounts for nearly one quarter of Kerry’s new spending, with almost $500 billion added over ten years.

A $400 billion expansion of military personnel and benefits for veterans comprises most of the remainder of Kerry’s spending plans, with the balance distributed among numerous social programs and increases in international aid.

Posted on 08/13/04 02:52 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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