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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

Strike Two for Religious Liberty at UNC

For the second time in as many years, the University of North Carolina will not recognize a student group because it restricts its membership to Christian students. Alpha Iota Omega Christian fraternity lost its access to campus facilities, its Web access and account in August after refusing to sign an agreement which would have prohibited it from using religious affiliation as a criterion for membership. Two years ago, the university derecognized (apparently, this is a UNC term) another Christian group, InterVarsity.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is holding the university chancellor's feet to the fire just as it did in 2002. Their Web site has plenty of links, including one to the chancellor's ridiculous letter, which includes this tidbit:

Baptist student groups are open to Presbyterians, Jewish student groups are open to Christian students, the Italian club is open to Korean students; and the Black Student Movement is open to white students.

FIRE won last time. UNC's also up against the John Locke Foundation, which notes that the school is having a hard time finding someone to defend its actions. Even a local, liberal columnist is against them. The gig is up Tarheels; put your hands in the air and step away from the diversity clause.

Posted on 08/23/04 04:02 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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