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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2004

Attack of the Diversity Clause! Part II

Just got an update from the Rutherford Institute today. Rutherford is fighting for freedom and winning, but you'd be amazed the kind of battles they even have to fight.

  • A Christian AT&T employee fired because he refused to sign a diversity clause, which required him to accept and condone homosexuality. Rutherford won him back pay and 401(k) contributions, but the fight took three years to win.
  • The Young Men's Christian Association revokes a young Christian man's gym membership because he was talking to other members about Christianity. A phone call to the Y from Rutherford lawyers solved that problem quickly.
  • A Fort Lewis College student was invited to display his photographs with captions, but when the photographs were displayed, one caption was missing-- the one from the book of Ephesians in the New Testament of the Bible. He was told to avoid references to God in the future until Rutherford informed the school of the student's rights.
  • A Nevada movie theater refused to run ads before movies for local churches and religious groups unless they removed the word "Christian" from their messages. Rutherford contacted the theater, and the policy has been changed.

Rutherford also offers a study on 10 years of religious discrimination in the American workplace.

Posted on 08/24/04 01:32 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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