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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2011

Who Really Leaves No Child Behind?

Florida doesn’t just lead the nation in making progress on National Assessment of Education Progress test scores. It leads in the nation in the progress that low-income children have made on the NAEP scores. Matt Ladner recently compiled the National Assessment of Education Progress reading and math scores of children eligible for free and reduced-price lunch:

[h/t: There’s Good News and There’s Really Good News, by Michael Petrilli, Education Next]

So what has made Florida successful? Maybe it’s Jeb Bush’s education reforms that included giving every school in the state letter grades ranging from A to F and not letting students advance to the fourth grade unless they know how to read. School choice was another component, by the way. To find out how Indiana, New Mexico, and Utah are learning from Florida’s success, see Lindsey Burke’s post Florida Education Reforms Succeed, Spread to Other States at The Foundry.

Posted on 08/09/11 01:43 PM by Alex Adrianson

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