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InsiderOnline Blog: August 2013

Not Ready for ObamaCare in Oregon

Even pro-ObamaCare Oregon, a state that “started early setting up its online insurance marketplace,” is finding it difficult to get the enrollment infrastructure created on time:

Though Oregon’s health insurance marketplace will launch Oct. 1 as planned, there’s one hitch. People will only be able to immediately purchase health insurance on it with certified insurance agents and “community partners.”

The online marketplace won’t be fully accessible until mid October – at the earliest. […]

[S]tate officials say the phased-in launch is just a matter of debugging the new website.

On Oct. 1, Cover Oregon will list agents and community partners who can walk individuals through the complicated new sign-up, the agency announced at its board meeting Thursday. […]

In addition to working out kinks, Cover Oregon is also dealing with a $16 million shortfall. The Oregon Health Authority, a sister agency, had expected to fund computer programming for Cover Oregon through June with a $59 million federal grant. But documents show the grant ran out in April, due to a “misprojection” of remaining funds. [The Oregonian, August 8]

Posted on 08/09/13 10:31 PM by Alex Adrianson

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