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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2004

Competition Warms My Heart

 A good piece from Reason on competitive (the statists' least favorite word) sourcing.

Upon entering office, President Bush embarked on an aggressive reform of the federal government. The Presidents Management Agenda identifies five pillars to bring more efficiency and effectiveness to the federal government. One pillar, competitive sourcing, has been more controversial than the others. Fearing competition for their jobs, public employee unions have launched an all-out assault on competitive sourcing. Yet, many of the attacks, critiques, and statements by opponents have not been accurate. Typically, they misinform and continually mischaracterize competitive sourcing.

This is a look at six myths about competitive sourcing. As for Bush, he has his overspending faults, but this little, inside-the-federal-agencies stuff warms my heart.

Posted on 09/23/04 11:39 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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