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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2004

Get Out Your Rolodexes

My co-worker informs me that no one uses those anymore but me, but the message remains the same. Cato has added a new director of information policy studies, Jim Harper. From the press release:

Harper is the editor of the Web-based privacy policy think tank, and a former counsel to committees in both the U.S. House and Senate.

In his new position, he will continue his research and writing on privacy and promote free-market perspectives on similar information policy issues, such as cyber-security, online consumer protection, commercial communications, and credit reporting, as well as intellectual property, Internet governance, new technologies, and many others. Harper will work closely with Adam Thierer, Cato’s director of telecommunications studies.

But best of all, both Harper and Thierer both are blogging at Technology Liberation Front. Man, who knew being a techno-geek came with such a cool blog name. By the way, I use techno-geek as a term of endearment and admiration and I'm totally jealous of the tough-sounding blog name. As an English/Journalism major, I don't think I could swing Mary Katharine's Iambic Pentameter Liberation Front. Not very in-your-face.

Posted on 09/24/04 11:40 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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