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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2004

A Little Blogosphere Love

For the Policy Weblogger, whose faith-based health care post got an Instapundit link!

A new plan offered by the Franciscan-sponsored OSF Health for federal employees "specifically excludes payment for contraceptives, abortion, sterilization and artificial insemination," making it the first FEHBP plan to conform to Catholic tenets, or those of any specific religious or ethical orientation.

Confused? Never fear, the Weblogger is always handy with an explanation:

In many ways, faith-based plans are akin to 'ethical' mutual funds. These funds, which can be, among others, Catholic- or environmentalist-oriented, invest only in assets and debt that meet stringent ethical guidelines. Environmentalist funds, for example, avoid oil companies, paper producers, and fast food (to be honest, we're not sure what they invest in). The Ave Maria mutual funds, popular among Catholics, tout that their shareholders "don't have to sacrifice financial performance for their pro-life and pro-family beliefs." Given the cross-subsidies inherent in health insurance, we fail to see how ethically-oriented health insurance is much different.


Posted on 09/28/04 09:59 AM by Mary Katherine Ham

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