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InsiderOnline Blog: September 2004

Because I Can't Help Myself

From piling on Dan Rather, that is. Of course, Powerline and Instapundit are leading the way on this but here are some thoughts from other think-tank bloggers who have joined the pile:

The Ashbrook Center's No Left Turns has a round-up of Rather-posts.

The Lockerroom offers a little forgery help from Clippy.

The InkWell has a run-down and critique of the WaPo's coverage.

As for me, I just found out this morning that the Doonesbury cartoonist is offering a $10,000 reward for eye-witness accounts of Bush at drills in Alabama. OK, let me give it a shot using CBS-caliber authentication techniques. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1980. Now, that puts me in the same town as the drills in question separated by a negligible period of eight years or so. In fact, if we count the time I was in the womb, I can put myself in Montgomery as early as late 1979-- clearly the same decade as the period in question.

Now, my critics would claim that it's impossible for me to have seen Bush participating in drills in 1972 because I didn't yet exist. Silly critics. I say there is a preponderance of evidence that there was a Mary Katharine in Alabama in 1972 who may have had eyes with which to see Bush at drills and who may have in fact seen him. All right, so where's my $10K?

I have this from an unimpeachable source (me) and other people in Montgomery at the time (my parents). Not only that, but at the time of my appearance in Montgomery, my parents were working for Democrat Gov. Fob James, so my testimony cannot be besmirched by any possible partisan, Republican entanglements (and we all know those are the only kind that count). 

Now I leave it to you, partisan political operatives in jammies, to prove me wrong. If you can conclusively disprove me, I shall update this post promptly. I dare you to assail the truth!

Posted on 09/13/04 12:48 PM by Mary Katherine Ham

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