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Jack Templeton, R.I.P.

Jack Templeton died last Saturday at the age of 75. Under his direction, the Templeton Foundation, founded by his father, John, became one of the biggest givers to efforts to promote free enterpr More...

Jobs Are Not at Risk in Export-Import Bank Battle

The idea that not extending the Export-Import Bank will lead to American job losses is nothing more than fear mongering. The chart below shows that the companies benefiting from Export-Import bank fin More...

Toolkit: Don’t Get Stuck in Your Booth

If you’re like us, you attend a few conferences every year; and when you do it usually involves manning a booth to promote your organization’s work. As Amy Armstrong points out, however, t More...

The Export-Import Bank Is Corporate Welfare

Daniel Ikenson: U.S. trade promotion agencies are in the business of promoting exports, not trade in the more inclusive sense. That is worth noting because despite some of the wrongheaded mercant More...

Kasparov on the Importance of Always Having a Goal

Garry Kasparov tells St. Louis University’s class of 2015 how he became a chess champion and then a champion of human rights and democracy around the world: More...

To Do: Discover What’s at Stake in the Iran Deal

• Assess President Obama’s proposed deal with Iran. Efraim Inbar of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University will give a talk on the potential consequences of a d More...

Remember Those Who Sacrificed to Keep Us Free

Tony LoBianco performs a poem in tribute to American soldiers: If you like this video, consider taking a moment to visit justacommonsoldier.com. The producers of the video would like to reach 2 More...

Corruption in Export-Import Bank Lending

The Export-Import Bank provides taxpayer-supported financing that benefits big corporations. Not only that, some of that financing is obtained fraudulently. Here is a look at how much fraud is going o More...

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