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To Do: Celebrate the Constitution

• Celebrate Constitution Day by examining the Supreme Court’s recent decisions. The Cato Institute will host an all-day conference examining the Court’s decisions on the First Amendme More...

There Might Be a Flaw in that Plan!

By now you’ve probably heard of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century, the book every Leftist hails as proving capitalism leads only to greater and greater inequality. Only More...

Congress Wants the Power to Say Who Can and Can’t Criticize Congress

An attempt to amend the First Amendment failed in the Senate this week when only 54 senators voted to end debate on a proposed constitutional amendment. Sixty votes were needed to end debate and move More...

Elizabeth Whelan, R.I.P.

Elizabeth Whelan, a relentless exposer of unscientific alarmism, died Thursday. If you’ve heard the term “junk science,” it’s probably because of Whelan’s pioneering effo More...

Back to 1986 for a Back to School Econ Lesson

The 1986 comedy Back to School helps Andrew Heaton and EconPop examine the question: What’s the value of college? More...

ObamaCare Makes Our Health Care Problem Worse

Compared to 1960, we pay for health care a lot less with money we’ve taken out of our own pockets and given directly to health care providers. We also pay a lot more with money we’ve taken More...

Milwaukee District Attorney Still Coordinating Criminal Investigations with Democratic Politics

Democratic Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm is trying to get his criminal investigation of Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker back on track this week. On Tuesday, the Court of Appeals for More...

Government Is the Problem

That’s basically what the Harvard Business School’s 2013-14 Survey on U.S. Competitiveness has found. James Pethokoukis notes the following chart from the study, which “shows how res More...

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