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To Do: Find Out How the Supreme Court’s Next Decision Will Affect Health Care

• Learn what’s at stake in King v. Burwell—the lawsuit that challenges the IRS’s authority to offer tax credits in non-exchange states. The Supreme Court will hear oral argument More...

Can the United States Military Fight Two Major Regional Conflicts at Once?

No, says The Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Index of U.S. Military Strength: Overall, the current U.S. military force is adequate to meeting the demands of a single major regional conflict whil More...

Is the Federal Communications Commission Lawless?

With its vote on net neutrality, the agency is going to exercise a kind of power that the Constitution does not recognize, says Randolph May: From all indications, the FCC contemplates that the n More...

The Left Is Getting Ready to Burn More Heretics

Last Saturday, the New York Times published an article claiming climatologist, and noted global warming skeptic, Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon “accepted more than $1.2 million in money from the fossil- More...

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Will Shut Down Innovation on the Internet

By a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved “Net Neutrality” rules on Thursday. According to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, the new rules “ban blocking, ban throttling, More...

Corruption Isn’t Merely a Byproduct of Our Politics; It’s Hardwired Into It

The reason public policy is so frequently bent to serve narrow interests, says Jay Cost, is that our system of checks and balances was designed for a government that was expected to do much less than More...

How Not to Beat the Terrorists

Victor Davis Hanson: Western diffidence and appeasement are interpreted as proof not just that the West is weak, but that its weakness arises from guilt and a tacit admission that Islamism is spo More...

To Do: Get Fired Up for CPAC!

• Meet your conservative friends, assess the candidates, and get into the fight for liberty at the Conservative Political Action Conference. All the conservative stars will be out at the Gaylord More...

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