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A Letter We Wish We Had the Bravery to Write to the Internal Revenue Service

As Paul Caron puts it, Donald Rumsfeld has told the Internal Revenue Service that his taxes are a known unknown: [TaxProf Blog, April 16] More...

Who Pays Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Just in case you forgot: More...

Do You Have Time for the Taxman?

The cost of taxes is more than just the amount of money the Internal Revenue Service takes from you every year. You also pay with the time and energy it takes to keep your records and fill out the for More...

Did You Enjoy Figuring Out and Paying Your Taxes?

No? At least you can enjoy this tuneful Remy video: More...

To Do: Find Out If Accreditation Can Be Part of the Solution

• Examine America’s system of college accreditation and how it may be changing in response to public unhappiness over soaring tuition and student debt. The Cato Institute will host a short More...

Eric O’Keefe Will Get His Day in Court

In Wisconsin, a Democratic prosecutor is making life difficult for dozens of conservative non-profits by using what is called a “John Doe” investigation to probe for evidence that the grou More...

Who Will Think of the Men?

More “paycheck fairness” laws—to sit on top of the many anti-discrimination laws already on the books—are a solution in search of a problem. More than that, explains Laura True More...

Mozilla’s Stain

One reaction to the story of Mozilla “firing” Brendan Eich for his support for traditional marriage has been to say that it shows the power of the market to shape corporate decisions. Sudd More...

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