by Sam Batkins
American Action Forum
September 27, 2013
Despite the many delays, administrative lapses, and staggering costs, few have examined the regulatory burdens of the new health care exchanges. According to administration data, the listed paperwork burden of the exchanges exceeds 16.6 million hours, $558 million in direct costs, and 40 new forms. Examining the regulatory impact analyses from exchange regulations, the total cost to states and private entities approaches $5.3 billion. Including all current requirements under Health and Human Services (HHS), the agency imposes 645 million hours of paperwork, $35.3 billion in costs, and 4,116 federal forms. These results should not be surprising. The ACA is a massive piece of legislation that involves eight separate government agencies, dozens of new taxes, and trillions of dollars in federal and state outlays. It is clear that this “fundamental reform” has produced more red tape, additional complexity, and higher costs.

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