by Benjamin Zycher
American Enterprise Institute
November 14, 2013
The global warming/climate change industrial complex has begun the 19th (!) session of the Conference of the Parties, and the only certainties are that considerable sums of other people’s money will be spent and deafening self-applause on the part of the environmental Left will be the dominant feature of the proceedings. Global warming became climate change, which became extreme weather, which became changing weather, which became SUPERSTORM SANDY! Thus do we find the global warming/climate change industrial complex clinging to anecdotes like so much flotsam in an ocean devoid of actual evidence. Once upon a time, the earth was Eden. But mankind, having consumed the forbidden fruit of the tree of technological knowledge, has despoiled it. Only through repentance and economic suffering can we return to the good graces of Gaia. And the plight of ordinary people? For them the environmental Left has no concern and no sympathy, but much contempt.

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