by Cara Stillings Candal
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research
March 13, 2014
Known throughout the Commonwealth and the nation as a network of high-performing charter public schools, Match Education aims to help students who have been traditionally underserved in the public school system achieve at very high levels. Training teachers for its very specific approach to education has been a foundational component of Match’s success. Recently, Match has sought to enable schools across the country to replicate its success by providing them with Match-trained teachers. Match Teacher Residency (MTR) trains “unusually effective rookie teachers” by putting them through an intensive course of study and practice designed to help them succeed in impacting student achievement from the moment they set foot in a classroom. MTR’s approach to recruiting and training highly effective teachers should be a model for other charter schools, school districts, and traditional schools of education as they face an impending shortage of high-quality teacher candidates.

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