by Dale Larsen, Gerry Olow
Centennial Institute
April 24, 2014
Policy Brief
Here is a factual counterweight to the waves of unfavorable media and advocacy stirring up fear about the process of extracting oil and gas from the ground through the method known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Waves of propaganda have fostered a broad negative perception of fracking. Voters in four Colorado cities have banned fracking as a result, with a statewide ban projected in 2014. To remedy the dearth of factual information reaching the public, this policy brief details the history, methods, and chemistry involved in fracking. There is authoritative information about the drilling, amounts and composition of water used, the depths of wells away from water tables, and the safeguards in place. The primer compiles solid evidence to help allay Americans’ widespread but utterly misplaced concerns about water and air pollution risks associated with hydraulic fracturing.

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